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Quality, American Tradition, Affordability


Standard Guitars & Amplifiers offers quality and affordable electric guitars and valve amplifiers, crafted by hand to correct vintage specifications right here in the U.S.A, down by Route 66.

There’s no CNC machines here, we make of all our instruments by hand, the good old school way with old school tools, love and pride!

It’s a passion, the Standard way! Guitars brought out of the past, to you! 

Now you can own your dream guitar without having to get a second mortgage or trashing your savings account! 

Get the guitar you really want, one you’ll be proud to play, one you’ll be even prouder to pass onto the next generation… 

Dreams can come true, and they have!

Welcome to the new Standard!

Stay up to date and stay current on this blast to the past approach to the vintage guitar of today!

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No junk, no plywood, no filler hogs! Just the best woods, electronics and hardware, relic’d to perfection!

Vintage Guitars Affordable Tele Strat Old Pickups Tuners Axe Axes Instruments Custom Handmade Cheap Made in USA 

Vintage, Right Now!

let’s craft your vintage dream, today!

Yes, you can go back in time! Now you can get a quality, custom vintage guitar hand made in the USA to vintage specifications without trashing your bank account! All of our guitars are crafted down here by historic Route 66 using nothing but the best woods, hand picked, aged and dried to perfection! All our guitars are crafted by hand and finished with nothing but period correct fillers, aniline dyes and nitrocellulose lacquer… even our most affordable “Student” models! An affordable custom vintage guitar? It’s possible!

Your guitar comes loaded with the best in electronics money can buy! From CTS® potentiometers and custom-made “vintage wrapped” capacitors to cloth covered wire and the best in pickups, switches and jacks.

It’s simple math, use the best to get the best! Add passion and craftsmanship and the result is obvious, a trip back in time, down memory lane to a time when quality and pride was the “Standard”!

All included and customer-selected! You just can’t go wrong! Own a guitar you’ll be proud to pass along!


© 2018 Standard Guitars & AmplifiersTM

All Rights Reserved.

Vintage Guitars Affordable Tele Strat Old Pickups Tuners Axe Axes Instruments Custom Handmade Cheap Made in USA