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So you want a new Guitar...

Consider these Warnings…

When you’re out buying a guitar odd things can happen, you must make an informed decision, one you can live with. Guitars are not disposable items and they don’t come cheap, they can present challenges and hidden dangers you have to be aware of before you commit.

Guitars are more than just things to be admired, they’re made to be played and make music, they serve proudly as your muse, be it as a collector or as a working musician and everywhere in between; these instruments are made to be admired, played and cherished. You must be armed with the right knowledge and the right tools in order to make the right choice and avoid a potentially catastrophic situation.

Oh the always helpful salesperson. This can be a real big problem. We all know the pitch, one that makes you feel uncomfortable, under pressure and out of place. Guitar shops are often particular about this, and the bigger the store the worse it can get. Just remember, you are the customer and you are paying to get a product you want. Nobody is doing you a favor by letting you into the store or allowing you to try an instrument before you buy it. Just remember, don’t be confused by the virtuoso on that metal riff who tells you to buy something or be discouraged by the annoying kid who can barely speak and insists you buy this or that. Take your time and buy what you want, what you need, what you’re comfortable with in terms of both feel and price.

Can I Help You Find Something..?

Shop with Care…

When it comes to guitars and amplifiers there are a few names you probably know by now, if you’re in the market. Unfortunately, a brand name is no longer representative of a standard in quality. The human factor has been largely removed from the manufacturing process for the sake of productivity and the bottom line, production is now mostly based overseas leaving very small room for domestic manufacturing and that contributes to the exorbitant prices of those particular instruments. Did you know that some of the “affordable” manufacturers actually have their instruments built at the very same factory overseas by contractors and using robots and the cheapest labor available? What happened to commitment, quality and luthier crafted guitars… ? 

Evaluate each guitar based on quality, tone and playability and not solely based on a brand name. 

There it is, the cheap guitar. You see no need for top parts, woods and hardware and tell yourself “I will upgrade it later”… That sure is a good thing, upgrading your guitar, but it can be time consuming, very expensive, frustrating and complicated.

Most cheap instruments are imports and they don’t take quality U.S. parts without modifications to the instrument itself, this can be intimidating and can lead to damage to the guitar.

Also, you could end up paying more for the upgrades than you paid for the guitar, and still have inferior woods and craftsmanship, you can’t upgrade that.

Go with the very best you can afford right from the start, leave the upgrades for later. Sometimes the best course of action is not to upgrade this or that, it is to upgrade the guitar itself and purchase a new (or used) instrument, one that satisfies your needs.

Upgrades & Modifications…

There’s much more that, without question, that can be said about buying a guitar. At Standard Guitars and Amps we make it easy for you to make an informed decision regarding the newest addition to your musical family! You can contact us at your own pace regarding any and all information you may need regarding an instrument, get recommendations, guidelines and advice. It’s all free and available 24/7.

What are you waiting for, use our Contact Form and let it rip…. 

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